Not a whole lot is known about Ginger as she was rescued out of an “emergency situation”. Her rescuer was told that she is about 9 years old but that cannot be guaranteed. Ginger needs vetting, she has had a general exam by a vet but no labs or diagnostics. The vet said she needs a dental; she has a broken tooth and her teeth need cleaning. Ginger has a couple lumps that the vet guessed to be benign. Ginger needs an adoptive home with someone who can afford her vetting and commit to her care for the rest of her days.

Everything we are told about Ginger is wonderful. As you can see she’s a lovely blond Golden Retriever. Ginger weighs 78 pounds. Currently Ginger lives with another dog and loves to play with the resident dog. She’s been social with new dogs she meets unless they are annoying puppies, then she will let them know to back off. She has reportedly lived cats. Ginger is good with respectful children who are gentle to her.

Ginger is described as “the sweetest, most gentle girl”. She walks nicely on leash, stay off the furniture and when you tell her not to follow you upstairs, she listens. Ginger will stay outside in the yard without barking. But Ginger shouldn’t be kept as an outside dog, she wants to be with her people and like every dog-deserves to be! At this time Ginger’s rescuer stays home with her during the day. Ginger hasn’t had accidents in the house except for when she’s not been let out. We’d bet this smart girl could learn to use a dog door if necessary. She does get a little stiff in one knee and hip but does stairs when she has to. As she ages, this could become more difficult. Of course her adopter should get her on something to help manage her presumed pain.

We think Ginger sounds like a real gem! She’s ready to brighten someone’s life. Ginger is courtesy posted for her caregiver in Oak Harbor, WA.  For more information, please email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.