Goldie (aka Pinkie at home, she is deaf and doesn’t care) was brought to the shelter by someone who said she was 15 and aggressive and hard to handle, and had accidents all the time. She sat in the shelter shaking violently, but leaned up against Judith when she went to do evaluations so how could we leave her there? Checking her microchip, she’s not quite that old; she’s an extremely passive gentle girl who objects to nothing, and she’s never had an accident despite coming to us with a bladder infection. Someone must have really not liked her – but we love her.

She is still hesitant and worries that she has done something wrong, but gaining confidence daily. She’s an excellent walker with breed-appropriate sniffing tendencies and she enjoys the leather chairs. We will have her mouth fixed and let her previously-matted coat grow back in and just let her feel safe and loved. What a lovely girl.

Update: After a year being really wanted and loved in her ODH home, Goldie’s kidneys failed and she let us know it was time to say goodbye.  She was nearly 15 years old, deaf, but still lively and beautiful.   She will stay in our hearts forever.