Gordy came into my life on Feb. 16, 2023. I was told he had a lot of physical issues and he did but not that you would know it by his behaviour. He had a heart murmur, a fractured tooth which had cemented itself to his jaw, causing pain and difficulty in treatment and worst of all a tumor in his colon. This was causing bloody diarrhea which never did improve.

But he was nothing but sweet from the beginning. He got along with my dogs, showed no interest in running away, unfortunately not a big eater but that was probably due to his teeth, he learned the dog door right away and only once had an accident in the house when I had the dog door closed and he was left too long.

He respected my dogs, food bowl-wise and was just happy being near us all. He did not need a lot of attention, just wanted to know that I was in sight. When left in the house he would just sleep and wait for my return. He was perfect and I fell in love with him right away. Walked nicely on the leash and would slow down for the slow walkers in our group. He loved car rides and we had quite a few to the vets. On walks he would always stop at the car just in case we were riding somewhere.

As someone posted earlier today it does not matter how long they are with you sometimes they place a big imprint on your heart. Gordy did this with me.

Eventually the tumor caused a prolapse and unfortunately he was not able to have any treatment and it was decided that he should be released. It was the better choice and I know that but it still hurts. I have said several times that I would like a do-over with different results but that is not to be. He was only 10 years old and if he had better treatment he would have had a longer life. And he deserved that.
He will be missed for a long time. He passed on April 12th.