Gus, aka “Gustav Bebop Anopolis”, we guess to be a Shih Tzu/Malti-poo mix and was surrendered to the shelter at 14 years old, when his homeless owner realized she could no longer care for his medical needs. At that time he had an extremely painful ear infection and dermatitis causing him to chew and scratch at himself constantly, resulting in hair loss on his hind end and tail. He also had a severe prolapsed gland of the third eyelid (cherry eye) on his left eye and is completely blind in his right eye due to a cataract and detached retina.

Today, Gus is enjoying life to the fullest in his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home, where he is treasured. His cherry eye has been successfully repaired. The cataract can’t be fixed because of the detached retina, but it causes him no pain. His curly coat has returned and it is so handsome. He does still have arthritis, but even that seems to bother him very little now that he’s feeling so much better.

Gus plays a little tug-of-war with his Westie buddy and occasionally joins him in a little backyard excavating. He loves his daily outings, especially to the beach. All this activity requires a lot of napping on the couch with his favorite blankies and squeaky squirrel toy. Gus’ ODH family feels so privileged to have this little guy. His unflappable temperament and love of life is an inspiration to everyone he meets!

Update:  Suddenly, after over 5 years in his Final Refuge family, Gus’s health failed and we had to say goodbye.  He has such a wonderful time and was very much loved.  We are very grateful this special boy was able to stay so long with us.