Haku is a 9-year-old Malamute with the cutest one ear up/one ear down trademark!  He is​ ​underweight at 100 pounds but is a gentle giant!  Haku would do best in a large breed, or​ ​Northern breed experienced home and may do well with a canine companion.  He has no​ ​movement issues and moves very well for his age. Haku can be aloof at first but once he settles​ ​i​n, we expect he will make a wonderful family member. He loves car rides and even allowed​ ​our transporter to hold his paw while he rode shotgun!  He walks well on leash, exhibits an​ ​average energy level and enjoys laying down in the play yard and rubbing his body all over the​ ​grass!  He is described by one of our volunteers as a really cool guy; and we could not agree more!  Haku enjoys treats and will sit for them (though he tries to protest with barking!) but then will sit and gladly gulp it down!

Haku will thrive with human attention and feeling like he is included as part of your family. Due to his size, he would be better suited to an adult only home or one with older kids. Due to his breed typical prey drive, no cats please. **WA and OR residents**No cats**Secure containment and exercise plan required**

Haku is posted Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League . For more information please visit: www.wamal.com/animals/detail?AnimalID=16685362

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.