Pomeranian mix Heidi experienced long stays in two shelters before coming in to Old Dog Haven care. This little dog is estimated to be about 13 years old and was somewhat rough looking when she arrived at her ODH Final Refuge home. She’d lost much of the hair down her back, either from having worn a coat for more than 6 weeks or from stress–probably both. But Heidi got a good bath and cleaned up very well once she was home. She was started on skin supplements and her people report that they saw improvement almost immediately. Wispy hair started coming in all over and boy, did she smell better!

Heidi’s forever family has three Papillons and another Pom mix, ODH Final Refuge dog Bucky. Heidi’s people weren’t actually looking to add another dog to the family, but report that they’re glad they did: “She’s been a perfect, wonderful addition! Heidi is well behaved, quiet, loving and curious, and very friendly to everyone. No situation seems to bother or rattle her. She is always ready to sit in a lap for a love, or sleep in one of her chosen dog beds (a recliner, the loveseat, etc). She’s just now learning that all those beds on the floor are actually for her!”

They also report that Heidi continues to grow more beautiful by the day. Good nutrition has probably made a huge difference–she’s definitely learned when mealtimes are. Fortunately, Heidi doesn’t have any major health issues, she just needed a dental to pull her last two teeth. “Thank you ODH for bringing us together! Heidi is such a sweet love, she’ll be a great ODH ambassador when we can all safely be out in public again. Thank you ODH supporters for all you do for our seniors!”

Update:  After almost two years Heidi’s loving family had to say goodbye.  She was such a special girl and will always be remembered.

After a good bath

Little dog parade!

Cozy, cozy, comfy time