Hercules is a sweet older gentleman who still has quite a bit of spunk and spirit in him for 11 years old! He loves to participate in whatever you are doing, whether it is cooking in the kitchen or snuggling on the couch. He really just wants to be your companion and he will follow you wherever you go.

Hercules does well with other dogs and cats. He also does well in the car. As he is rather little and frail, younger kids aren’t a good idea but well-behaved older kids would probably be okay. Ideally, he would have a quiet home where someone can be with him for most of the day. He really loves attention and being around people/animals, so it would be hard for him to have to spend 8 hours a day alone.

Hercules is being lovingly fostered in Edmonds and is available for adoption through Love A Mutt Pet Rescue.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

Hercules chi LoveAMutt2-FS020516