Holly, a small pit bull, came to Forget Me Not Animal Shelter as a very skinny stray. She has a microchip – but the owner never registered it. The shelter that microchipped her no longer has records that go that far back, so the only information the chip could provide is that Holly is 10 years old.

Holly is a joyful dog who smiles eagerly and charms everyone, despite having some painful arthritis in her elbows. With a little pain medication each day, she now gets around quite well.

Her weight is up to normal now, about 45 pounds. She is happiest when she can follow you all around (with occasional naps), and rolls over readily for tummy rubs. She is the cutest car dog, as she is polite, and loves to ride shotgun in the front passenger seat with a huge grin on her face.

Holly has some moderate allergy issues that cause itchy skin. The shelter has run a food sensitivity panel on her, and although no particular food was a clear definite allergen, she is doing well on a limited ingredient diet. There are several limited ingredient commercial foods that could work for Holly, or you could do what the shelter is doing for now– giving her a homemade diet (and less expensive than canned dog food). We will be consulting a skin and allergy specialty vet in Seattle for any additional recommendations, so she will come to her adopter with as clear a picture of her allergy situation as possible. For now, she is doing well under doctor’s orders of ChlorTab in the morning and Benadryl in the evening.

With other dogs, Holly can be somewhat selective. She appreciates polite, refined, mostly mellow dogs – especially boys (such a flirt, HA) – and enjoys relaxing in the office in proximity to Sam, our boxer boy with vision challenges. She can be a bit apprehensive around boisterous and energetic dogs, and will not put up with a rude dog, thank you very much! (“Someone has to teach that RUDE DOG some manners, might as well be me.”) She spends time in the cat yard at the shelter, where she can see kitties on their screened porches, and she seems indifferent to them.

Now, PEOPLE – she has never met a person she doesn’t love. If you have the love, she will reflect it back to you at triple intensity. Holly is not recommended for super young children, but any old enough to understand not to squeeze her arthritic joints or manhandle her, she would thoroughly enjoy kissing all day long.

Holly has a huge heart full of joy she wants to share with you – a few tummy rubs, pain meds, and simple food choices are all she asks in return. Bring her home so you can share this win-win bargain!

Holly is posted for the Forget Me Not Animal Shelter in Republic, WA. If you can’t make it out to Republic, don’t let that stop you! They have monthly transports to both the Seattle area and Spokane, delivering adopted pets to their new owners. Please contact adopt@forgetmenotshelter.org or visit Holly’s listing at http://www.forgetmenotshelter.org/Dogs/1161Holly/ for more information.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.