Iris is 12 years old and had been part of a bonded pair whose owner passed away. The day Iris was taken into Old Dog Haven’s care, her brother passed away in his temporary home. Needless to say, Iris had a rough time adjusting to his loss. Her first ODH foster home helped to get her better adjusted and her health properly assessed before she moved on to her forever Final Refuge home.

Iris’s veterinary workup found that she has a heart murmur and osteoarthritis so she is now on daily medication for that and Cushing’s disease.

Little Iris is a delight in every way—she’s funny, playful, affectionate and always happy. She quickly won over her new Final Refuge housemate Molly and today they’re pretty much inseparable. And Iris absolutely loves toys. She has to check inside every single shopping bag in case there’s a toy hiding in one (there often is!) and carries one to bed with her every night. She’s a great little dog and her forever mom can’t imagine life without her.

Update:  Sweet little Iris was able to stay much longer than expected, but it was finally time to say goodbye.  She was a very brave little pup and will be greatly missed.

Iris & Molly