Jack was surrendered to a shelter to be euthanized but the shelter contacted Old Dog Haven because they felt he could still enjoy a good quality of life. And does he ever!

Jack hasn’t see his x-rays so he doesn’t know that he has severe arthritis up and down his spine. He has an unusual way of folding himself up and down when he sits or stands, but with the help of joint supplements and rimadyl so far he has no issues with mobility. He also hasn’t read the vet reports about his skin condition, which no longer exists thanks to medicated baths, change of diet and stress reduction. Jack doesn’t know when he was born so he doesn’t know that he isn’t a puppy but is really 11 years old. Jack doesn’t know that he doesn’t hear very well; he just thinks people aren’t talking loud enough. Jack’s eyes are a bit cloudy but he doesn’t think his vision is impaired at all because he sees what he needs to see. Jack has learned to compensate for any physical issues because his primary interest is moving forward with his life—in all ways.

Jack is a joyful spirit. He doesn’t walk; he prances. At home he’s never seen without a stuffed animal in his mouth unless he’s sleeping—and even then his favorite toys are close by just in case he wakes up and needs to play. At the beach Jack’s friends call him the “official greeter” and when he hits the sand the people who know him immediately call his name as he runs toward them. If he doesn’t know someone he just prances over and introduces himself. He seems to have a special fondness for children. He’s very patient when kids pet him and talk to him. He’s also very good with other dogs he meets when he’s off leash, even the big dogs. He doesn’t really play with them; he just stands close to them and hangs out. Jack is a great snugger and loves sleeping on the bed with his mom and the other dogs. He’s quite the flower child—except that instead of smelling the flowers he’s more inclined to eat them. Jack is the busiest dog we’ve ever known; he doesn’t miss a thing and is always alert and interested in what’s going on. All in all, this little guy is a real charmer and his family feels very fortunate that he’s gracing them with his presence.

It would have been such a shame for Jack to have missed this last chapter in his life, but thanks to ODH he’s living every word on every page with joy. His family loves him and enjoys being a part of his life.

Update:  “After 14 happy months Jack’s body failed him and he moved on to his next expression of spirit. Our little joyful spirit will be missed—not only by his family—but by everyone who knew him, including his fan club at the beach. His beach pals loved seeing him and he brought smiles to their faces every day he pranced toward them when they called to him. Jack was a warrior and his determination to be well and enjoy life was an inspiration to us and all of his friends. We feel very fortunate that, thanks to Old Dog Haven, Jack was able to share the last chapter of his life here with us. We loved him very much; every day with him was a gift.”