“Howdy! My name is Jack Jack or you can just call me Jack. I am a little over 10 years old. I find myself in need of a new home after my human “Mom” very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. I was sad at first, depressed really and anxious, but I’m doing much better now. A very good friend of Mom’s took me in and has been taking good care of me. I really like her and her dog but her cat, I’d like to chase and catch! Because of that it’d be best for me to find a home without cats. I’ve never lived with kids before but I appreciate when they want to pet me nicely when we are out for walks. Speaking of walks, I enjoy going for walks, I don’t need to go too far. I cannot go too fast because of my short legs but I walk wonderfully on leash. I bark at my doggy friends to pay attention to me. I’m not trying to be mean or naughty; I think of myself as a “playground supervisor”. My redeeming qualities: I know a bunch of tricks! Sit, lay, come, dance, circle, weave (between your legs) and would probably do really good at agility! I love to please people, even strangers. My doggy buddy taught me to share my food and toys and we even play and sleep together now. Maybe I can find a new home where there’s another friendly dog? At night, I can sleep on my dog bed but prefer a pile of dirty laundry. My mom would walk me in the morning, be gone all day at work, then walk me when she returned to the condo. Recently, I have learned the joy of the dog door and a yard to use during the day though I still prefer to hang out until someone gets home. I am really easy-going and good-looking, if I say so myself. They tell me I am a corgi/sheltie mix, I weigh about 37 pounds. I’m ready for the next chapter of my life and hoping to find my new family very soon.”

Jack is living in Everett, WA ready for his new home.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

Jack sheltiex1-FS041516