Jake and Elwood are brothers who have lived together their entire lives. They are labrador retrievers who are between 13-14 years old; both boys weigh 90 pounds. The pair is used to staying together inside their home with the company of an elderly woman who can no longer care for them. They previously lived with cats. While they’ve never lived with other dogs, they’ve been boarded with other dogs and were fine with visiting dogs in their home in the past. Elwood and Jake need to get out to potty about every 3-4 hours. As one would imagine of dogs this age, both boys have arthritis in their hind ends. While it is claimed they can still manage stairs, ideally a home without too many would be best for them. Dogs this large in size are not dogs someone could manage carrying up and down stairs. We are told they do well on leash and appreciate daily walks-not far or long but getting them out for about 15 minutes a day will suffice. Jake and Elwood are both described as very friendly dogs. Elwood is a “kisser” and Jake is said to be a gentleman. If you know labs, you know what wonderful dogs they are. These brothers deserve a loving retirement home where they will receive all the love and care they surely deserve.

Elwood and Jake are Des Moines, WA hoping to find a home together soon.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.