We don’t have to tell you how adorable these friends are! Jasmine and Wesley are bonded buddies looking for a home. Wesley is a 9 year old pug who weighs 20 pounds. Jasmine is a 10 year old shih tzu/japanese chin mix who weighs 24 pounds. While the pair has always lived together, they’ve not lived with other dogs. Wesley has a tendency to be “dominating” when meeting new dogs whereas Jasmine is more interested in meeting humans. They’ve lived with cats and a child. The pair would prefer a home with children who are at least 10 years old and have been taught to be gentle and respectful of their space. We are told that Jasmine loves long walks and playing fetch. She also enjoys watching television and particularly enjoys watching nature programs-what a fun dog! She’s described as a loving, loyal girl who would love to be your only source of warmth if you let her. Wesley certainly is a very handsome pug, check out those forehead wrinkles. He’s much more laid back than his best friend is. Wesley will happily share a lap with Jasmine but he’s OK without the long walk and ball fetching. He will “chase bunnies”—in his sleep! That’s not to say he doesn’t need exercise, it’s good for all dogs to get out and stretch their legs.

The friends are used to being crated together. They sleep together in their crate at night and when their people leave them, they are crated. Jasmine and Wesley can manage between 6-7 hours without needing a potty break. Currently they can both manage stairs but this isn’t always the case in this breed(s) of dogs as they age so one must take that into consideration. Wesley and Jasmine need a home with someone who will look past their gorgeous, “youthful” faces and commit to them and their care for their lifetime. We can only imagine the reward for giving these lifelong friends will be very sweet.

Jasmine and Wesley are located in Edmonds, WA.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.