Joey and Bruno are an adorable pair of teeny pomeranians, 3 pounds each. They are affectionate, friendly, and really fun to have around. Bruno is 10 and has a cute teddy bear cut. He’s pretty quiet. Joey has the typical pom look, is 8 years old, and is quite vocal when he has something important to say. They are pretty close and, at less than 7 pounds total, it’s kind of like just having ONE small dog – though they really should weigh closer to 4.5 pounds each. They have had a full senior physical. Their blood work and xrays are all great, and they’ve now had a full dental and are ready togo to their new home.

Whether you are a Pomeranian lover or just like really tiny dogs with some personality, these could be your new best friends. (Caution: tiny dogs can squeeze through a hole in a fence the size of a lemon.)

Joey and Bruno posted for Furbaby Rescue and are fostered in Kirkland WA.

THESE ARE NOT ODH DOGS; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.