Kenji is an old boy looking for his forever home. He is what we at Old Dog Haven refer to as “a left-behind dog”.  His beloved person passed away and a kind neighbor took him in. His exact age is unknown but the estimate is that he is about 15 years old. What’s your best guess for Kenji’s breed mix? The belief is he is predominantly a German Shepherd. He is a big guy at about 92 pounds. Kenji has been a very good boy around 2 smaller dogs (boston terriers) but it is unknown how he’d do with large dogs or cats. He is a very friendly, likable dog who is good with all adults and gentle children.

Kenji’s deceased owner sought treatment for Kenji’s mobility difficulty; he really tried to help Kenji in every way possible. The hope is he can find a home with someone who can afford to get him vetted and give him the help he needs for relief of presumed pain. Kenji does need a home without stairs. Kenji is said to be great on leash, he is a well trained dog. He LOVES short walks which are actually good for him. Water therapy could be beneficial for him as well. He is used to being a companion dog but he can stay alone and manage without a potty break for a long time. One was keep in mind though, as dogs age, they need more potty breaks-just as people do!

Yes, Kenji is in the sunset of his life. We believe this can truly be the most rewarding time to give a dog in need a home. We are told that Kenji is “one of the best dogs ever” and that everyone who meets Kenji loves him.

Kenji is waiting for the person who should be his final one to give him a home. He is waiting in Kent, WA. for an adopter.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.