Kerry was another of those “strays” who landed at the shelter looking pretty bad and very sad.    She had a very large mass wrapped around a front leg from the elbow halfway down the leg, a dull brittle coat and icky yeasty skin, and a withdrawn attitude.

Despite this heavy mass hanging off her leg, she was great on walks, trotting around with a lovely spring shepherd-type gait on a loose leash, and her overall health seemed good.   We decided that it would help her a lot to remove that mass.    Our wonderful vet did what turned out to be a really challenging messy surgery – lots of blood vessels were running through the mass and the ulnar nerve was also banged a bit.   It was a low-grade malignant tumor but not too likely to metastasize.

With one setback in healing, and the help of a friend’s custom-made shoulder/elbow sweater to protect the area until hair grew back in, she was through it and could move normally!    Now she loves to gallop across the field and moves beautifully on those walks.   Kerry is clearly an old lady, getting more white every day, but we hope she has some good time left for us to love her.

Update:  After having a wonderful time with her Final Refuge family running in the field and and relishing every day.  However, she was quite an old girl and her family finally had to say goodbye.  This special girl will be greatly missed.