Klondike spent the first 10 years of his life with 3 litter mates in a not always happy home, then came to his first ODH home after a death in his human family. His teeth were so bad that most of them had to be removed immediately, and he needed treatment for an infected wound above his eye. At first everything terrified him but as his scar faded, so did his fears. He has now moved on to another ODH somewhere he has been nicknamed Moondog. There he is the only dog, and he and the chickens mutually ignore one another. The cat is not as blasé about his high energy, but she is gradually learning he is harmless. Klondike/Moondog’s past has not entirely faded. He still worries about humans who reach for him too suddenly, and he panics about being left alone, but fortunately the dog sitters find him “a perfect houseguest”. On ordinary days, however, he enjoys accompanying his foster mom as she delivers the Seattle Times. The best sign is that he has decided his new home is for real, so he has declared himself king of the neighborhood – no intruders allowed including deer in his front yard.