Wilson is another very handsome pug who came into our care after living outdoors for months with his friend Sherman. We wish that he had as much confidence as the Super Bowl winning quarterback he’s named after! He seems to have been mistreated, as he often will hunker down when he’s approached and at first he would cower in a corner during meal time. His foster family is working on helping him realize that they will never hurt him and that getting fed is a happy time, as it usually is for a pug. Wilson is mostly blind and because of pretty severe dry eye he needs drops a few times a day. He will be seeing an animal dermatologist soon because he has very unusual spots all over his body; this could be melanoma or another skin disease. We are hoping for lots of quality time ahead with him. Wilson is a wonderful dog who loves cuddling with his buddy Sherman, his foster dad and the other old dogs in his Final Refuge home.


Both very handsome and sweet, Wilson was one of the most agreeable, mellow dogs (except at meal time-PUG!) ever. He came to his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home a scared boy who was unsure of so much. Over time he learned he was safe and truly loved.
Wilson had many, many health issues but because he was an Old Dog Haven dog he received the very best care. Wilson made many friends-both canine and human but his two favorites was his foster “dad” and his buddy Sherman. Sherman and Wilson were almost always together, so much so that their foster family called them “The Twins”. Wilson was a happy boy and so cooperative for his foster mom who enjoyed dressing him up for various holiday and events. Wilson suffered a series of grand mal seizures and after that it was sadly apparent there was something going on in his brain that was not good. Not wanting Wilson to suffer, his fosters sent him on with love.

Wilson is missed terribly, most of all by his other half, Sherman.