9 year old Kobi is a suffering from a broken heart. His beloved person died and since then he’s had a hard time adapting to life without him. Dogs can mourn just as we people do. Kobi is in need of a home with someone he can devote himself to; someone who will be patient with him,  love him and share the rest of his life with them.

Kobi is a 13 pound Bichon Frise. He’s lived all of his life with another dog so he’s accustomed to having a canine buddy. Kobi has been well socialized with other dogs as well because he goes to doggy day care and takes weekly trips to the dog park. Kobi has not been observed around cats. He’s been fine with gentle children.

Aside from being obviously adorable, Kobi is a very sweet dog who loves to sit on his person’s lap. The hope is once he finds his new home with someone he can love again, he’ll find happiness. Since his person passed he has marked some, this is reportedly a new behavior. To help with his stress,  he’s been taking medication for that. One would hope once he settles into his new home he can be weaned off the anxiety medication and his marking will cease.  Kobi does have skin allergies; Apoquel helps him with that. He’s a very good boy for grooming.

We’re told Kobi is an active boy who enjoys walks. Excercise is good for a dog’s body and mind. Kobi is good on leash and well trained. Kobi knows to use a dog door to get outside to relieve himself. He’s a graduate of Good Citizen Training as well. He can do stairs and he sleeps in his soft sided kennel at night. He only barks to let you know someone has arrived.  Kobi sounds like a dog with so much to offer!

Giving a dog like Kobi a new home with security, companionship and love is incredibly rewarding. Kobi is located in Anacortes, WA. waiting for his next true love.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.