“Hello, I’m Rupert! I’m what they call a “Schnoodle”-a schnauzer and poodle mix. I weigh 15 pounds. I hear I’m considered a senior dog but I find that hard to believe as I’m only about 8 years old. I don’t feel ‘old’. I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life in a new home!

“Up until about a year ago, all was good. I had a home with a family. Then one day, I suddenly was no longer able to see. I lost my vision to a condition called SARDS which stands for Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome. It sounds scary and it was at the time but I’m fine now! Around the same time my family had twin human babies. That, in addition to being totally blind has made me an anxious fellow. I long for a home where there are no unpredictable toddlers and one where I can learn the landscape and be a happy boy again.

“I’m a very social dog with other friendly dogs. I used to live with another dog. It may be nice to find a home with a dog my size who will be patient with me when I bump into them-we blind dogs do that. I can hear and I can use my nose so I’ll figure things out! I’ve never been around cats before so I can’t tell you how I’d react to one.

“I used to really like getting out for walks and I was good on leash. It’d be nice to find a person who will have the time and patience to take me out again, get me used to a path that I can learn. Blind dogs can enjoy walks still because we use our nose to help guide us. It helps of course to have a human on the other end of the leash paying attention to where we are going. Stairs are scary too, can you imagine if you couldn’t see and had to just take a step and hope you weren’t going to take a tumble? In time I could probably learn stairs in a new home but again, my person needs to monitor this for my safety.

“Being stuck alone in a kennel is not fun. I will bark but can you blame me? Barking is something I do a lot of but I bet with some work and more attention I could learn to not use my voice so much.  I can “hold it” for quite a while but being blind I will need to learn how and where to get out to relieve myself. I’m really a well behaved boy who is affectionate. My person will tell you that I’m smart and that I know verbal commands. I can show you how amazing a blind dog can be! When I’m not doing that, I’ll give you kisses and sit on your lap. I’m that kind of boy! I’m hoping to find a new home very soon, will you help me?”

Rupert is located in Everett, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.