“Hi I am Kona!  I am a great looking, strong guy looking for my new home.  You should know that I am still quite active and love playing with toys and other dogs.  Man do I love my people, in my last home I always had someone home with me, and I guess I kind of got used to things being that way, so I really would like a new home with people who are the “home-body” kind. I am potty trained so you should not have any trouble with me in that department.  I am not much for cuddling, but I do want to follow you around and I kind of demand back rubs and scratches. I am a talker, I have my opinions and will give you little pug howls when I need to tell you something.  I am an excellent traveler and love riding in the car.  So I sound perfect right?  Almost!  I do have the classic pug back end which has caused my back legs to be weak.  I do OK for short walks and on non-slick surfaces, but I can’t do stairs and I am a big boy so you probably don’t want to lift me all of the time.  I hope this doesn’t discourage you from wanting to give me a new home, because really I have so many good qualities and so much love to share!”

Kona is posted for Pacific Pug Rescue in Portland Oregon.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.