“Hi! My name is Lady. I knew you would stop at my puppy face. What do I love? I love to be where you are, get pets, and be next to you until I’m too warm. I love walks, watching outside and letting you know if I see anything. Meal time, healthy treats, belly rubs, and light body massages are also my favorites. And when you smile at me to let me know how much you love me, THAT is the best! Oh, and I do travel very well in the car.

“I’m 10 years old and have some weight to lose because I am a bit chubby. I’ve lost 3 pounds already, which brings me down to about 19 pounds, but my ideal weight is closer to 14 pounds. With walks and not overeating, I’ll be able to shed more weight.

“I like my housemates and get along with other dogs I meet, but I’m pretty shy around new people. I seem to be drawn to men first, but I open up and love women too! I’m very calm and happy with a typical Cavalier wagging tail. My groomer says that I am a doll to groom since I’m so calm. If I may say so myself, I have a really beautiful full coat!

“Since I’m deaf, I sleep very soundly and need to be woken up to be sure that I get outside to go potty. I have a grade 3 heart murmur and take 2.5mg of Vetmedin twice a day. I’ve got a little head bob that the vet isn’t worried about but it’s good to keep an eye on it.

“For my new home, I’d like a relaxed and calm environment without a lot of activity so I can feel safe and secure, preferably with only adults. If you have to leave, I will sleep most of the time. I need a fenced yard and to be on leash at all times since I can’t hear you call me. Please let me learn to trust at my own pace before introducing me to new situations, and don’t put me in situations that are very hectic with a lot of people around trying to pet me. I’ve never met a cat so I’m not sure if I like them or not.

“If you think I sound like the pup for you, please contact my rescuer! Be sure to complete the online application at www.cavalierrescueusa.org/cavalier/lady-in-port-angeles-wa/  Then email Melissa Cincotta at happycavaliers04@gmail.com so she knows to consider your application.”

Lady is posted for Cavalier Rescue USA. She is being fostered in Port Angeles, WA.

This is not  an Old Dog Haven dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.