When she came into ODH care from the shelter at age 14, Leia was overweight and had lost much of her coat (see her “before” picture). And, as is usually the case with elderly dachshunds, her mouth was in terrible shape. Thanks to ODH donors, she was able to have the specialized dental surgery required to fix her mouth
and now she is trim, in coat, and bossing her brothers around (as befits a General).

As with many ODH dogs, we don’t know what her life was like before she got here, but we have reason to believe that there was a distinct scarcity of dog beds. Because dog beds, Conan notwithstanding, are definitely on the list of what is best in life. Dog beds, and walks.

Update:  Leia had a wonderfully long time with her Final Refuge family (though it is never long enough) but finally it was time to let her go.  She was very old and it was time – she was a special girl.