This lovely little old lady (now called Ella Mae), who is a bit unsteady on her feet and almost totally blind, found herself in a shelter after being picked up as a ‘stray’.  The shelter found her a temporary foster home while Old Dog Haven found her a permanent ODH Family.  As soon as one of our ODH  families saw her picture on the website they fell in love and very soon a wonderful transport volunteer drove her all the way from the shelter, via ferry to her new family in north Seattle.

Although  at first we thought Ella Mae had a serious heart murmur, terrible teeth, and was already spayed the first vet visit determined that there was no problem with her heart, but she was not yet spayed (she did, however, have terrible teeth)!

Ella Mae was a real trouper.  She had her spay surgery and dental (thanks to Old Dog Haven’s generous donors), and then saw an ophthalmologist to get the correct eye drops to keep her comfortable.  Then she settled right into her new family.  Within a very short time, Ella Mae was able go up and down the two small steps to her backyard all by herself – very gently feeling her way so she could tell where the steps were.  A very brave girl.

This little 10 pound girl (maybe Bichon? Poodle?) has really attached to her new family (and the feeling is mutual).  If her foster mom and dad are busy, she’ll find the closest comfy dog bed and nap.  However, her very favorite thing is to be on a lap or lying touching one of them.  She loves riding in the car and is quite happy snoozing while waiting to see the vet.  A truly amazing and loving pup.  Her new family is very grateful to Old Dog Haven for entrusting her to them.

Dear Ella Mae will have a loving home for the rest of what her foster mom and dad hopes will be a wonderfully long time.

Update:  We had to say ‘good-bye’ to our dear Ella Mae after over two years, when her quality of life suddenly decreased.  She was the most affectionate little girl and very much loved by her Final Refuge Family.  She loved everyone, but was truly her Daddy’s girl.  She was the kindest soul and handled being totally blind very bravely.  She always managed to find her pack mates when there were treats to be had and she loved to stroll the back yard in the sun.  Ella Mae will always be in our hearts.

Ella Mae at the shelter

Ella Mae enjoying her yard

Ella Mae enjoying her yard

Ella Mae helping her Mom