Lester was probably a shih tzu-poodle mix, with long legs and a long gracefully curving tail. He was adopted from the shelter in middle age and then returned at the age of 13; the owner said he was a wonderful dog and they should find him a wonderful home. Except that he was essentially blind, essentially deaf, his eyes hurt badly, and he was old. So he came to an ODH home where he was truly wanted and valued. Lester could see motion directly in front of his nose and got around remarkably well, thanks mostly to his very calm nature which checked things out carefully and used great caution. He would stand in front of the metal water dish and bark for Room Service if the water level was too low for him to feel secure, and of course we ran to keep things to his standards. We made increasing adaptions for him so he was comfortable eating (reflections from a dish scared him away). With several opthalmologist visits and consistent medication his “dry eye” condition was kept under control; he had two fights with corneal ulcers which were healed by very aggressive treatment.

When his vision left completely and pressure built up in his eyes he returned to squeezing the eyes closed and was terribly confused -it was time to say goodbye. This gentle, affectionate and trusting little dog was very much loved and loved us back, he will be missed.

Lester shih tzux EAS2-WR052216