Libby was a min pin whose personality fit her beauty. She was a really sweet dog who greeted visitors that came to her Final Refuge home by jumping into their lap and placing her head on their chest. Libby loved going for walks, finding a spot in the sun and napping in one of the heated beds in her foster’s home. Her top favorite activities were jumping into the laundry basket full of fresh from the dryer items and plastering herself as close as possible to her foster mom at bedtime. Libby was an ODH Final Refuge dog because whoever had had her before she ended up at a shelter had never spayed her which caused the growth of mammary tumors. It’s heartbreaking to think that Libby may have lived longer if someone had spayed her in her early years. Please remember that spaying your dog isn’t just to prevent unwanted litters, it’s also to help prevent reproductive cancers.

Libby’s family will always cherish the time they shared their home with her. You are missed, Libby.