Sir Charles (*Charlie*) was a lovely little poodle mix boy with very limited sight.  He had been put out of a car and was taken to a local shelter where it was discovered he had a microchip indicating he was at least 16 years old.  He went to an ODH foster family with two other older dogs and a real love for old poodles.  We didn’t know anything of his history but he moved with an odd gait and when he got to his new home was very anxious and did a lot of pacing.

Also, however, Charlie bonded almost immediately with his new mom.  He followed her everywhere and was relaxed only when in her lap or at her side, touching her.   As he got used to his new home, he showed us more and more neurological problems.   If he couldn’t be with his mom or on his new dad’s lap, he would stand and bark at a wall or begin to howl.   By the third day, he even had  some kind of episode that was likely a type of seizure that was very severe.

His new family realized that little Charlie wasn’t going to be able to live out his life in peace and the most caring thing they could do was help him leave with love and care.  After four days of lots of good food, lots and lots of closeness and sleeping in a warm bed between mom and dad, they said goodbye with much love and sadness.  He was only able to stay a short while but will always be remembered.

Charlie day 2a