Pretty little Lucy is an old Lhasa Apso whose owner left her with her sister in a big shelter. She’s about 16 pounds with a sweet personality, not particularly a lapdog but one who wants to be near her person and likes to share your bed. She is a fairly strong personality with other dogs but would like to play and would like to cuddle up – the two blind old men in her foster home are having nothing to do with her so she has to make do with the cat. She’s a very quiet girl – never barks or whines – but loves to run when outside and loves to explore. Little Lucy likely has early Cushings disease and perhaps other complications. Originally thought to be adoptable, we decided she should stay with her foster family due to her health issues.

In 2016 Lucy is 15-16 years old and slowing down but hanging in and much loved.

Update:  At the ripe old age of 16, closing in on 17, little Lucy left this earth after a sudden collapse. She had been her ODH’s mom shadow for many years and will be so missed.