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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

From Loki’s Final Refuge Mom:

I refer to Loki as “Loki just wants to be loved” because that is what he seems most grateful for.  I also say “Loki Loves to Run” because when given the chance — there he goes!  (I dropped the leash once and our walk quickly turned into a run!)

When he arrived at his FR home, he had a tooth abscess that was draining from his cheek, a mast cell lump on his thigh, a growth on his chin, had not been neutered, and he has a heart murmur.  Luckily, the vets determined his heart was healthy enough to go under anesthesia and have everything taken care of!  His dental included removing some bad and broken teeth as well as taking care of the abscess and it was well worth it – he is a much happier pup with a mouth that doesn’t hurt.  A few weeks after his surgery he had a big seizure.  I saw it immediately so I held his head to keep it from hitting the floor and talked to him hoping it would help.  He was very scared and confused.  We were able to see the vet the next day and now he’s on anti-seizure medication.

Loki really wants to be right next to me or his housemates.  He really likes his food and looks a lot healthier now that he has gained a little weight.  He is learning how to get treats from a treat ball and a snuffle mat.  He doesn’t care about toys or chasing squirrels.  He still gets scared and runs from some noises like the opening of a pop can.   He’s learning his manners and how to wait his turn.   We’re working on “sit” and “stay”.  He seems fine when the people of the house leave, as long as he has his dog friends.  He’s the oldest in the pack but acts like a puppy!  He’s such a happy dog now that he is loved.

Because Loki was listed as a Chi – Mix, and he behaves so differently than his Chi housemates — I had a DNA test done for fun.  Loki is a Chi – Min Pin – Pom!  He is 58% Chi, 23% Min Pin, 12% Pomeranian, plus a tiny bit of Shih Tzu and Poodle.

At the shelter

Ready for the best Christmas ever!

Treat time! (look at the tail blur)

Sleepy boy

It is good to have friends

What do you mean I can’t sit in your lap?

Loki is sponsored by:

  • Bobbi Moody of Bothell, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Mary Wagner of Seattle, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Victor Nosce in memory of Klondike - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Chance Martenson of Lynden, WA - Lifetime sponsor
  • Darcie Kinyon of Bothell, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Dan & Anne Sixkiller of Beaverton, OR - Lifetime Sponsor