Lucy and Ethel are a bonded pair of sweet, senior sisters. These girls are adorable, 15 pound terrier mixes, estimated to be about 13 years old. Lucy and Ethel are described as easy going (although a little shy) and low maintenance. The girls get along with other dogs, cats and children over 10. They love to play (a little) and snuggle (a lot)!

Ethel and Lucy like to go for walks and play frisbee! While they were reportedly housebroken, Lucy (the lighter one) has been not wanting to go out in the rain and has had some “accidents inside”. This could also be due to the changes of being in a new foster home. They would be happiest in a home with someone who is home most of the day and is ok with sharing the bed! As with every dog being rehomed, patience and understanding should be shown to give time for adaptation.  Ethel and Lucy don’t really like the car so they would not be good candidates for lots of car rides, including camping. They sound like cuddly homebodies!

Ethel and Lucy are a bonded pair and will be only adopted out together. They are posted for Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education (KARE) of Silverdale, WA. The girls will only be adopted out to residents of western Washington state. For more information about Lucy and Ethel and adopting them, please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.