Check out this adorable pair! They are littermates named Luke and Leia and they need some help from “The Force” to find a forever home together. Brother and sister were found with the rest of their siblings 8 years ago abandoned in a box outside a pet store. Luke is 18 pounds, he’s looks like a Jack Russell Terrier/Sheltie (?) mix. Leia is believed to be Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua and she weighs 14 pounds. They have never lived with other dogs but have been boarded in a home environment with other friendly dogs and done fine. Cats are OK with both of them; they’ve actually seemed to like them.

Luke and Leia are crate trained, sharing a crate together. They used to sleep in the bed with their family and the belief is they’d love to find a home where that could be a possibility again (once they get to know you!). Luke likes gentle kids of all ages, bonus when he is allowed to give them kisses! Leia is a little more reserved with kids and men – she is skittish at first so time and care needs to be given to her. As long as they can be together, it is said they are fine to stay alone for a work day. Luke will cry if Leia leaves the house without him. These siblings sound like such fun dogs, they like to play and go for short walks. Both dogs do great walking on leash and they know verbal commands too.

Luke will “sing” if you ask him to and his sister will join him. Leia will follow her person around and then find a bed and blanket to cuddle up in. These two sweeties are at Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA, ready for the next episode of their life together.

ODH has not met these dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.