Petite Pippa is a darling ODH dog looking for a very specific type of home, so please read carefully through her posting:

This 5 pound, 9-10 year old Yorkshire Terrier appears to have been a breeding dog before the shelter. She came to ODH in heat with two mammary tumors, bad teeth, a congenital eye condition and very underdeveloped social skills. The small tumors were removed at the time of her spay and the bad teeth removed also. Her vision is good with daily eye drops and the occasional visit with the eye specialist.

Pippa has a sweet, willing temperament, but it is instantly clear that she had not been provided much in the way of socialization. She is not confident as most terriers are known to be, but is very timid. In her foster home she is cheerful, affectionate and very enthusiastic about her toys, people and food, but remains sensitive to new people, loud noises or sudden big movements and will run like a greyhound to her bed for safety. She has attended several ODH events and, although nervous in new environments, she seeks attention from new people, enjoys being cuddled and greets new dogs, even the busy ones. She lives easily with small and large dogs and cats in her foster home and depends upon them for companionship. Pippa must have been trained to pee-pads, as she prefers to use those to going outdoors, but she will not need them if taken out every few hours. She prefers sleeping with her person and, if she does, she will wait until taken out in the morning.

We mentioned a very special situation for Pippa: She requires a quiet, child-free home with an adopter experienced in rehabilitating a puppy mill-type dog, as she has a similar lack of socialization and world-experience. She would do best with someone home most of the day and with another small dog for companionship. If she is crated or confined to a room alone, she will chew her pee pads, blankets and bed and construct a pyramid with the remnants. However, she is never destructive if given free run of the house with dog companions when her people are out.

Pippa has come a long way with love and patient support to become a funny, affectionate little girl, but her adopter must understand that she may never have that terrier level of confidence. It is also possible that she may always need to use pee pads, at the very least for back-up when home alone. If you think you fit Pippa’s needs, and you are captivated by that little face, we’d love to hear from you!

Pippa is in an ODH foster home in Everett, Washington. For an application, please email