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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Miss MaddieMae was in a five dog household that lost their person very suddenly and came into the care of Old Dog Haven following that traumatic event. She came with no known history of any kind.

Although she was stressed and frightened from the event, once MaddieMae reached her final refuge home she immediately attached to her foster Mom like glue, following her everywhere. She exhibits strong fear and anxiety around others in and out of her home, shaking uncontrollably at times and staying glued to her foster Mom. Committed to MaddieMae and her happiness, her foster Mom is working at the pace set by MaddieMae with socializations to others. Also, feeling more comfortable in her final refuge home, she can now relax and doesn’t feel the need to follow her foster Mom everywhere.

MaddieMae is extremely calm around all other animals and at first pretends that she does not see them. She lets them approach her in their own time. She made quick friends with one resident cat that loves dogs and quickly won over the other resident cat. When confronted with squirrels or bunnies a few feet away she acts as those she does not see them.

MaddieMae loves to stand on two feet for treats, cuddle with her foster Mom and resident cat, nap a lot, and sleep under the covers. Her foster mom is in love with her little snaggle tooth, how silly she is at bedtime, and the sweet soft kisses that she gives. Her foster Mom is helping MaddieMae heal from her tragic loss of her person as much as she is helping her foster Mom heal from the recent loss of her resident dog. They are perfect for each other.

MaddieMae’s foster Mom says, “I am so thankful to ODH and all of the ODH supporters who make it possible for MaddieMae to get all the care that she needs to heal and live out her life being loved and cared for in a home where she can be happy and healthy.”



MaddieMae is sponsored by:

  • Michelle Kimihira of Seattle, WA in honor of Julie Forbes and Darcie Boltz - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Ruth Fay of Portland, OR - Lifetime Sponsor