Magic was returned to the shelter where he was adopted after 12 years with a family. He had bladder cancer, arthritis, and a few other ailments. But that didn’t stop him one bit. He would run out the back door to chase a
squirrel on his fence, and he set the pace when walking with his younger sister around the lake. He had a perpetually grumpy face, but kind eyes. He was affectionately nicknamed Mr. Grumpy Pants.

It took him a few weeks but he settled into his new ODH home nicely. He would get a head-bump from one of the resident cats and he started sleeping closer and closer to his sister. He slept on a cushy bed in his new mom’s bedroom, and wasn’t shy about jumping up on the couch for a nap. He enjoyed nesting in anything that was left on the ground: dirty clothes ready for the washing machine, pillows and blankets left on the
ground, emptied shopping bags ready to go back in the car.

His cancer spread quickly, and he only lived in his new home for 9 months. The decision to let him go was heartbreaking and happened quickly, but he was able to have a last hurrah. He got to walk the lake one last time, had an entire meal which consisted of dog treats and a vanilla ice cream cone, and his favorite human friends came over to love on him one last time. When he left this world, he was being snuggled by his family, hearing peals of laughter as they recalled his funny moments and loved on him on last time.

He is missed every single day.