Miss Magpie is the quintessential Labrador Retriever!  We are told she weighs about 60 pounds. At nine years old she’s figured out how to check all the “be a lab” boxes: 1) enthusiastically greet every person you meet, cuz surely, they all want to be your best friend;  2) even when your older and your muzzle is grey, sticks and balls are fun to fetch for your silly humans who like to throw them;  3) Swimming;  4) napping;  and 5) eating (of course)! She’s a “been there done that” kinda gal.

Magpie has been a beloved family member who enjoyed a stable and attentive home from the time she was a pup. But times change, babies appear out of nowhere and then boom, they’re toddlers who cannot fathom that tugging and rough-housing is just a bit too much for an old-timer.

Magpie now finds herself a senior dog in search of a quiet, kid free home where she can live out her golden years fulfilling her destiny as a loyal companion. She has been well cared for and is healthy with lots of vim and vigor left to enjoy. She is house trained, crate trained and rides well in a car. She’s OK left in the home on her own for several hours here and there but she’s always enjoyed the company of her stay-at-home Mom. She is hoping her new humans will mostly be around to share snuggles, company and good times.

In the past, Magpie lived with another dog but she’s a bit more of a loner now and wants all your love and attention for herself, and who can blame her? She walks on leash OK but prefers to “social distance” from other dogs. A home with fenced yard or acreage where she can lounge in the sun, putter around with her humans, and be a home-body would be Magpie’s dream to ride out her golden years.

Magpie is eagerly awaiting her new home where she can once again enjoy being a beloved companion dog to those lucky enough to open their heart and home to this senior in need.

Magpie is posted for her owners in Illwaco, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH ​dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.