Marble, a 6-pound chihuahua, came into a busy shelter as a stray. This cutie pie has a laundry list of medical issues: a very mature cataract in one eye which not only makes that eye blind but is starting to develop glaucoma, heart disease, disc disease in her neck, luxaint patellas, and dental disease. She has had an abdominal ultrasound, ophthalmologist consult, and an echocardiogram. But that doesn’t stop her from delighting everybody she meets with her cheeky demeanor and squeaky bark!

Marble loves to go outside with her ODH pal Vernon to sniff, sunbathe, and bark at the pugs next door. She also loves peanut butter treats and dancing around the house. But her favorite thing in the world is to crawl into your sweatshirt for snuggles. Despite all of her doctor’s visits, her tail never stops wagging and her spirits are always high. She truly is a sassy little girl!