“Do you have a home without young kids? Are you looking for a 20 pound buddy to snuggle with? Is your household calm and relaxed? If the answers to my questions are “YES”, then I may just be the forever companion you are looking for!

“My name is Max and I was adopted from a large shelter in 2013 by my current family. I’ve been a part of their family for almost 10 years. I am guessed to be about 11 years old and they call me a pomeranian/ Australian Shepherd mix. Life was great here up until the baby came and now another one is on its way! I am a VERY good boy but like many senior dogs, I do not like young kids. They are unpredictable and loud. Young kids make me anxious and I have nipped at them. I need to move to a home where it’s not so stressful.

“While I have never lived with another dog, I can accept other dogs if they are mature and calm. At first I am a little unsure but that’s mostly because I have not been around too many other dogs in my time. I have not been around cats either so I can’t tell you how I’d react. I would guess my best life would be as an “only” animal in the home but I may be just fine with another dog who is friendly (but not overly so) that could pass the time with me in my new home when the humans had to leave. I’m kenneled when my people leave the house now. A little less kenneling would be nice, if possible.

“Right now I can manage quite a while before I have to potty but I’d prefer not to have to hold it for long hours in my kennel, that’s just not enjoyable! I can take stairs at this time but my people will tell you my vision isn’t as sharp as it once was. When we dogs start to age, our peripheral vision and depth perception can go and that means stairs can be much harder for us and scary. I guess what I’m trying to say is, a home without a lot of stairs to go up and down all of the time could prove difficult for me. I try my best but don’t want to be rehomed again when my eyesight gets worse or I can no longer do stairs.

“Being a dog, I will bark when I hear a loud noise. I do this to let my humans know, in case they missed the loud noise! If you have neighbors who won’t appreciate what I believe to be my very helpful alerts, then I am sadly, probably not the dog for you.

“My people will share vetting information about me. It is very important that whoever adopts me can afford my lifelong veterinary care. I have had a couple seizures a year and this is something that must be addressed with my adopters. It would be in my best interest for my adopter to seek veterinary advice regarding my seizure history, in spite of the fact that they are not at all a frequent occurrence. However, one just never knows when that could change!

“Walks are great fun. I don’t get out for too many anymore but maybe, just maybe, in my new home there will be more time for that? I admit to pulling on leash in excitement but perhaps if I’m allowed to get out more I won’t do that as much? Or maybe I will still pull and this will be something my adopter and I can work on?

“I have a lot of love to offer, I enjoy being with my human. While my current family is very sad about giving me up they know this is what’s best for all of us. Please know I don’t judge them for doing this. I’d rather move and live in a calm environment than stay in one where I am just not happy anymore. I’m ready for the next chapter!”

Max is located in Silverdale, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Max is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.