M’Bozi is a very nice dog who truly needs a forever home. He is a 45 pound Border Collie mix who is about 11 years old. M’Bozi lived peacefully with a senior female dog; the thought is he could do that again. Currently M’Bozi lives with young children. He has been very good with them but it seemed the infant’s crying concerned him. He has adapted though! Since he likes to herd, a home with older kids would be best. M’Bozi will chase cats so he needs a home without them. 
M’Bozi would appreciate a home with someone who is home often. He will get anxious if left alone too long. When he had his female canine companion, he reportedly did not have any trouble with being left alone. It sounds like he needs another home with a nice senior girl! 
When left alone or adapting to a new home, M’Bozi has been known to “mark”. This is how he has dealt with stress. We’re told he did stop this “habit” after a few weeks. We share this for full disclosure but hope someone will be understanding and patient enough to give him a home and see him through this. 
This is an active, strong, youthful dog! He needs to exercise as much as possible. He does pull on leash so someone who can work with him on that would be good. We’re told he is an extremely smart boy and learned commands very quickly. We bet he’d make a great agility dog and one you could teach new tricks. 
Through no fault of his own, M’Bozi has been passed around a lot. He needs a home again soon with someone who will commit to him for the rest of his days. The reward will be his unending love and devotion. 
M’Bozie is waiting in Sedro Woolley, WA. for his adopter. 

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.