A call went out to find a home for another senior dog in need of Old Dog Haven’s help. This lovely girl had a very long list of medical issues and was deemed unadoptable at the shelter. She had many of the cocker ailments plus some genetic and long-term neglect issues including dry eye, an ear infection, mammary masses and a big tumor on her neck. On top of these treatable problems, her front feet have become overextended and loose, evidently from a breakdown of the tendons and ligaments.  A very experienced final refuge foster home with a true love of the breed stepped up to give Megan her chance to find comfort and love in their home.

Despite all of her health challenges, Megan is a sweet and friendly dog who is now finally getting the medical care every senior dog should have. Her final refuge foster mom shares an update on Megan’s progress now that she has settled in.

“We named her in honor of Megan Rapinoe, the soccer star since she is a super tough and determined girl to manage all of these challenges.

“She has benefited from the brand-new arthritis injection and a range of arthritis and pain medications. She’s been on antibiotics to keep the tumor’s long-term infection at bay until surgery can be done. We now have her on a prescription diet for her IBD and she is feeling better. She concentrates on staying as close to me as possible, at my feet while working or next to me on the couch or in the car, and occasionally gets a kick out of tramping around the pasture. Her cocker instinct comes over her and she trots around with that cocker nose twitching up in the air.”

Megan’s foster family is grateful to all the many Old Dog Haven supporters who make it possible to rescue senior dogs like Megan and give them a chance to start a new life with a family that appreciates all the joy old dogs bring.

Update from her Final Refuge Mom:  Megan was determined, brave, stubborn, all that – she handled what had been VERY longterm pain from a nasty accident that healed wrong, plus all sorts of other issues, but as fast as we helped with one challenge another showed up.   We knew she’d had enough pain and it was time to say goodbye, but I’m pretty crushed.  And lonely, she was velcroed to me.”

We are grateful that Megan had so much love and the very best care and truly wish she could have stayed longer.

Shelter picture of Megan