Bella came to ODH because her former owner was not able to keep her due to an upcoming move and as well as the burden of the cost of her medical expenses.

Bella will need to have 2 very expensive surgeries (thanks to the ODH  Maranda Fund) to her ears to stop the constant ear infections and pain she experiences. She is currently deaf, but there is a chance she may hear again after her surgeries!!!

Bella also has some allergies which we will work to get to the bottom of and find appropriate relief.

She is a very sweet, quiet, and independent girl, but she loves to cuddle and check on her people to make sure someone is still there. She is very happy chilling with her new mom while she works. She is enjoying exploring her new yard, but much prefers to be inside most of the time.

She LOVES stuffies, but a little too much. All the stuffies no longer have stuffing.:) She also loves to carry stuffies or balls around in her mouth.

She loves walks, but is a bit of a puller, so we are working on nice leash walking and exploring her new neighborhood.  Bella also grumbles like a bear, mostly at night before bed, so she is lovingly called Bella Bear.  And, as you can tell, Bella also does the best classic sideways glances as you can tell from the pics.

Her new family has already fallen in love with her and can’t wait to see her transformation after she receives the medical care and surgeries she needs.

Update:  After a wonderful time in her Final Refuge home, Bella’s several new health issues began and it was time to say goodbye to this brave and wonderful girl.  She was blessed to have received the much needed vet care to address her painful ears and then lots of love from her family.  She will be greatly missed.

Hard at work…

Downward dog

When you’re smiling!

Stuffies are the best

Resting after work