From her ODH family:
In December 2016 we were asked to foster a 12-year-old beagle/terrier mix who had several health issues which prevented her from being adoptable. Enthusiastically we said yes! Millie the beagle mix joined our household just before Christmas. We spent the first weeks with Millie in vet offices trying to figure out what her health problems were. Finally she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, stage 2 kidney failure, and liver dysfunction. Hypothyroidism can be treated for many years, but the advancement of kidney failure can only be slowed down a little. Millie clearly needed a place to live out the rest of her days as comfortably as possible.

When Millie first came to us she was clearly not feeling well. She was shaky and her appetite was low. Today, thanks to the vet care provided by Old Dog Haven, she is feeling much better! She is a pleasure to have in our household, and she often spends her evenings sleeping next to us on the couch as we read or watch a show. Her favorite activity is a nice slow walk around our neighborhood with plenty of time to sniff every bush, and greet the neighbors. She is a sweet, gentle soul, and we feel privileged to be helping Old Dog Haven provide her with her end of life care.

Update: Millie and her ODH family fought hard to keep her liver and kidney disease at bay but finally she had had enough.   After three different hospitalizations it was time to let her go in peace.   She will be missed a great deal.