Molley is a lovely little old dachshund lady, 14 years old and about 12 pounds – a really wonderful companion.  Molley lost her lifetime owner and ended up in a shelter, then an ODH home.   Despite the abandonments, she was loving and responsive and very adaptable. She wants to be near her person but is happy to stay with others, meet and coexist with new dogs, and generally adjust to new situations.  Other dogs seem very comfortable with her.

She is thoroughly housebroken though needs more frequent breaks than a young dog.
Molley has had a dental (and was spayed) since coming to ODH.    She has some changes in her back as common with this breed and she does not climb stairs; we wonder if she was never taught?    She enjoys short walks, likes being carried, fine in the car and good in public.   She’s not a barker.      Her labwork and exams are otherwise normal.     Her vision is good, her hearing is probably minimal.

We feel that Molley is really an exceptional dog – mellow, alert, obliging, very loving, and well mannered – and should have some good years ahead of her even at 14.   We would like a home with at least one mellow dog and a reasonable amount of human companionship.

Molly belongs to Old Dog Haven and is in foster care in Bellingham WA.  You will love her!