8 year old Molly is an affectionate Siberian Husky who weighs 65 pounds. She believes she is a lap dog!  Molly is what we  would consider “a youngster” who is social with other dogs but because she doesn’t realize how strong she is, she should go to a home without small animals (meaning no small dogs or cats). Molly is accustomed to staying in a kennel during the day and during that time she holds her bladder. Being a husky, really enjoys a good run and needs her daily walks. As one would imagine, she can really pull on leash so one must be able to manage that. Molly can manage stairs but she has begun to slow when taking them. She has grown up a loving family dog who has been around kids. We are told she is “excellent” with gentle children. Molly is a people dog, a happy girl who will be a wonderful addition to a family.

She is waiting in Auburn, WA for her new home.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.