Mookiee’s the name!

In 2016, I was wandering the streets as a 10-year-old, mostly blind and not able to hear much.  It was pretty scary.  I ended up in a shelter but wasn’t adoptable because of my vision problems and a heart murmur. Thanksgiving weekend, Old Dog Haven hooked me up with a foster family, and it’s been great!

When I first got to my foster home, my skin was in pretty bad shape – I had yeast, fungal, and bacterial problems, and my skin was all think and inflamed.  I also didn’t have much hair on my body because of all that. We got that all cleared up though!  I see a special eye doctor every six months, as well as get a regular checkup.  I’ve had some teeth removed, as well as some cyst-type lumps that were bugging me.  Other than that, I’m pretty healthy.  I have to have several drops and ointments in my eyes every day, and I take a pills to keep my liver healthy and to make my arthritis not so painful.

My foster mom and dad carry me up and down all the stairs in the house, because I can’t get up and down.  I let them know when they’re taking too long to come get me by barking at them!  My favorite place to be is in my foster mom’s lap.  My second favorite place to be is in the big bed, taking up as much space as possible!

Update:  After close to 3 1/2 years of bringing joy and ruling the house, and getting so much love, Mookiee’s foster mom and dad had to say goodbye.   Sweet Mookiee will always be in their hearts, she had such an amazing personality!

Bed head!

Treats are the best