Naomi, a little old lady poodle, was yet another “stray” brought to a shelter looking pretty bad. She wasn’t spayed and therefore had several mammary tumors. Since coming to her ODH home she has been spayed, the mammary tumors were removed, and the dental specialist fixed up her mouth. She was lucky enough to land with a foster family that brings their crew of toy poodles along with them camping, and she loves tagging along for the adventures. Now that she’s in much better health, Naomi is a pretty spunky girl who likes to play with toys and makes her ODH family smile.

Update: Naomi spent nearly 4 years with her ODH family, doing very well until the last month or so.     What seemed to be pneumonia overcame her suddenly; as with humans, very old dogs have a hard time holding it off.   Her family misses her a great deal.

Naomi poodle 1215-2-FR021316