Noodle is an old toy Poodle who was turned into the shelter as a “stray” in very bad shape. He had obvious signs of years of neglect and was skittish about being touched. At probably 13-15 years old, the shelter was a very frightening experience. After just a few weeks in a cautious, patient, loving foster home he quickly learned to trust human contact. Due to severe neglect he had to have all of his remaining teeth removed, but now the infection can heal and he is at much less risk for jaw fracture. He only has a little of his vision left in one eye and is blind in the other but manages the stairs in his foster home just fine with the lights on to show him the way. He happily runs outside with the other dogs and, when he’s done with his business, he curls up on his favorite blanket on the couch. Tiny little Noodle enjoyed life in his ODH home for nearly 16 months before age caught up with him and he was sent on his way with a great deal of love. He was a bigger presence than he looked, and will be remembered with a big smile. He passed away October, 2014.