“My name is Nyx and I’m an 8 year old girl who weighs about 60 pounds. I am here to ask you if you will help me find the best forever home ever!

“Once upon a time I lived in a place where I was neglected and treated very poorly by a human. My current owner found out and offered to give me a home.  I’ve done well here but lately it’s been harder because it is a very busy home with young children and other animals. The kids are better about not climbing me anymore but I recently had a scuffle with the annoying 3 year old dog. I did not start it, the other dog did. I am a very good girl.

“My ideal home may include other animals, just not a lot of them and not young animals! I could care less about the cats here. I’m fine with the dog that’s older than I am, he’s mellow and doesn’t get in my face or try to take things aways from me. I’d rather not live with young children. I definitely do not want to be sat or laid upon but I will tell you on behalf of ALL dogs-we don’t appreciate that, we just tolerate it, well some of us do better than others!

“At my age I’m not ancient by any means. I enjoy a good game of fetch and while I’m not taken for walks often, it may be nice to get out more. My human will tell you I don’t like bikes and strollers.  Those strange things can be so unpredictable and I don’t want to be run over! I get car sick so taking me out for adventures if we have to drive isn’t fun.  A home where there’s room to roam safely in a secure yard or walking where there’s not too much traffic may be really nice. I could be more sensitive about noise and unpredictable things because of my abusive past? I’m hoping for a calm and predictable home to stay in. Perhaps when I find that home, with time and patience, I can learn to relax some when things occur that aren’t expected?

“I love to watch people from the window of my house. I am fine to stay at home when you leave. Just give me something I can chew on (safely).  If I must, I can wait to potty for quite a while. I can manage stairs right now and hopefully I can in the future if you take good care of me. I’ve not been to a vet in a while so please be sure you are able to do this for me. I hear going to the vet is super important, especially as we get up there in years!

“I know loads of voice commands and I listen well. Another trick I can do is to unlock knobbed doors! How many dogs do you know that can do that?! I will bark at the fence if I see activity on the other side and I will let you know if I don’t like something but shouldn’t a dog do that? How else do you know what’s going on if we don’t tell you?

“While my person is sad to part with me, she knows this is the best for me. She helped me out of a bad situation once and now she recognizes I need a home better suited for me. Will you help us find that home for me? I believe I have so much love, affection and friendship to offer!”

Nyx is located in Tacoma, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.