Mercedes is a 12 year old Bedlington Terrier who weighs about 12 pounds. Mercedes’ lifelong owners recently entered an assisted living facility. Her owners are no longer able to care for her. Mercedes is in need of an adoptive home where she will stay for the rest of her days. Mercedes’ adopter must be ready to get her into a vet for a full check up and plan on getting a dental done for her. Mercedes had recently been very matted but has since been shaved. Her adopter should be able and willing to afford regular grooming, good quality dog food and regular veterinary care.

This adorable girl has lived a pretty sheltered life. Extended family does not know too much about Mercedes except that she is “very likeable” and that she dances! Mercedes has never lived with other dogs, cats or been exposed to children of any age. Our hope would be, with an experienced and patient dog person, Mercedes could possibly live with another dog her age and size. Because Mercedes has only lived with adults we believe it’d be best for her to find a home without young children as that could be too much “action” for a dog who is accustomed to living in a quiet home with elderly owners.

Recently Mercedes has spent more time alone without company. We are told she seems to be adapting to this change OK. Currently, Mercedes can manage quite a bit before she needs a potty break. We are told she is not much of a barker but one should keep in mind, with a move, Mercedes will need time to learn a new routine in her new home. One cannot say if she will bark if she’s left alone in a “strange” place. Please give this sweet girl time to settle in. It is very rewarding to give a senior dog a forever home and watch them adapt and thrive with love and care!

Mercedes is reportedly good on leash. She enjoys her walks and we bet she’d love to get out more than she has been so that she can discover her new area. Mercedes can manage stairs at this time. She sounds like such a good dog who hangs out on the couch. She enjoys attention from people and perhaps (maybe?) the companionship of a friendly senior dog?

Mercedes is located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.