Obie was an owner surrender to Old Dog Haven in May of 2023. The children he had helped raise had grown up and moved away, the remaining adult in the home no longer had time for Obie. Because he shed, Obie no longer spent much time indoors; he was kept outside with a carpeted pallet in the garage for a bed. Obie had not had much veterinary care in his lifetime, at almost 14 years old, he was welcomed into his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home, and he never looked back!

Upon arrival, his fosters were shocked by the amount of lumps this dear boy had. Their vet counted 16! All were aspirated; one on his elbow was found to be cancerous. Unfortunately, the only way to remove that would be to amputate the leg and because his rear legs and hind quarters are pretty arthritic, removing one of his front legs would be too hard on him. One of the benign lumps on his belly ulcerated and that was removed. His forever fosters and their vet will keep an eye on the remaining lumps for change, especially the cancerous tumor on his leg.

Recently Obie suffered a bout of vestibular disease. This can happen in old dogs and sometimes there is no obvious reason. Obie has rebounded from this, seeming to be fine now except he has been left with an endearing head tilt. He is back to accompanying his foster mom outside in the yard when she tends to their rescue donkeys. Obie seems to believe it is his duty to watch over her. He loves going for short walks with the other Old Dog Haven dogs in his home. Being the biggest of the group, he is a gentle boy who is welcoming and friendly to all. Obie really enjoys it when grandchildren come to visit and the kids all love Obie. But everyone loves Obie and believes everyone to be his friend!

Now an “inside dog”, Obie has the choice to go outdoors only when he needs or wants to. Obie loves being with his family. He enjoys the companionship of his humans and other dogs. Obie has lots of soft dog beds to choose from and toys to play with when the mood hits him. While Old Dog Haven’s goal is to bring joy to old dogs, Obie’s forever fosters will tell you that Obie has brought immense joy to their lives!

Update:  Dear Obie had to leave his loving family much too soon when his health failed.  He truly made the most of each day he had and soaked up all the love and care he was given.  This boy deserved the very best and we are all grateful that he was able to have just that for his last chapter.   He will always be remembered, such a gentle, sweet, devoted boy.