This sweet girl was given the name Hope by her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge fosters. She had already been to the shelter once 11 years ago. This time around she was found as a stray wandering in a field, very confused and in bad shape. Shelter staff knew Hope was about 16 years old and that it was time for Hope to finally land in a home where she would never be “stray” again!

Hope made her way to an established Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home. She saw a vet for her intake appointment where her overall health was assessed. Her forever foster started working on her smelly, crusty skin and her badly infected ears. Hope is now taking a daily joint supplement and medication to help with her osteoarthritis. She’s had her first grooming so now she looks, smells, and moves so much better!

At first, Hope seemed sad, confused, and unsure of how to get in and out of the house for potty breaks in the yard. Once outside she would get “lost” in the yard and her foster would see her panic. With time and repeat trips being carried and led up and down the ramp to the backyard, Hope has learned to navigate her new digs and now trots out and back inside without worry. She has found cozy beds to lay in, sometimes joining another senior bichon in her forever foster home. The look of sadness she had seemed to be replaced with a look of security and contentment.

Hope’s foster dad told us he was certain that Hope tries to wag her tail at him. She has a much shorter tail than she should have because when she was found 11 years ago, the shelter had to amputate her tail. Someone had tightly wrapped electrical tape around it! But where there is a will there is HOPE…

Update:  Sadly, sweet Hope’s health worsened including dementia and her family had to say goodbye.  This very dear girl will be greatly missed.